Happy 25th Birthday Street Fighter – The Second Biggest Influence in my Life

It’s been a very important year for me, personally and professionally. I’ve made some mistakes, and learned lots of things. One of the biggest events this year though, and one that truly reminds me of who I am, is the 25th Anniversary of Street Fighter. It is a global phenomenon that started 25 years ago and still shines bright, to this day. It is something that brings people together, and that has spawned a community unlike any other, one that competes, grows, nourishes, and most importantly, has fun. As I sit here, listening to Adon’s theme from Street Fighter Alpha, I will share a little on why Street Fighter is so important to me, and so many others around the world.

Street Fighter is something that has one core concept: be the best. It’s quite simple really. You fight for the right to call yourself the best. Do it for bragging rights, do it to prove something to yourself and others, it doesn’t matter, just be the best, work hard to be the best. I doubt Capcom had this vision when Street Fighter was created, but that’s what it evolved to, and that’s why it’s so important to me and so many others. It is why it’s been a big influence in my life. That competitive nature, that desire to be better, it truly is something that really has helped me.

My main influence in life are my wonderful parents(RIP dad). They were hard on me, strict, but always fair. They taught me to work hard, and to do my best in everything I do. There was never anything there about being the best though, or winning, that’s where Street Fighter came in. I will catalog my experiences with Street Fighter in a series of entries, starting with my first experience back when Street Fighter 2 came out. The bottom line is, the feeling you get when you compete with someone who is right next to you, and you both give it all you’ve got, and you come out the victor…nothing feels better. I took this mentality to everything I do, which I guess has given me a bit of a cocky demeanor, but trust me, I’m always working hard, and no one is harder on me than myself. I still remember the first time I entered and won a tournament, the feeling was extraordinary. I put in my all, and proved I was the best among that group of people. It was…delicious.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying I am the best Street Fighter player, far from it. I know several who are better than me, and even more I don’t know who are probably better. This doesn’t change the fact that I know I’m good, and I have to continue practicing to get better. You have to believe in yourself in order to excel here, and in anything. Like my loving girlfriend told me years ago, “if you’re not you’re own #1 fan, who will be?”. If you don’t believe in yourself, how can you expect others to? More importantly, how will you win? Too all of you in my life who I’ve interacted with, my attitude, my demeanor…yeah, Street Fighter and the wonderful community that developed around it are a big reason as to why I am how I am. OK I’ve talked enough, I’m going to play Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX on my PSP. For now I leave you with this: keep up your efforts in the lab, keep leveling up yourselves and each other, and above all else…go for broke!


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