Happy Birthday to one simply described as…


On this day many regions ago, a great but often misunderstood megalomaniac was born.

Being born of legend and science Mewtwo should strike a chord in your heart. Whether your fondest memory of him is from the first Pokemon movie or if its from using your only Master Ball to capture him in the dungeon, he is a force to be reckoned with. Mewtwo was the first Pokemon we saw that possessed emotions thought only to be human and sheer power that exceeded that of pokemon and mankind. To that we salute you and wish you a Happy Birthday Mewtwo.

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Mimi Cheng is the main protagonist in a slice of life anime (I mean look at that hair!), but her story will never be finished. You can find her suffering over some long procrastinated cosplay or at your local conventions! You can also see/hear her and her lisp on the "Shot 'O Games" podcast or on our YouTube page. She's also a huge background player as one of our editors and admin for our Facebook page and articles. With a strong background in fashion, art and cosmetology she is one of our go-to staff members when seeking advicce on just how to nail that look!

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