Hi there!

Hello geeks of the net! Rival Skies here with a bit of information for you.

Before I tell you about myself, I want to let you know something about my past. As a middle and high schooler, I hid the fact that I liked anything even remotely nerdy or geeky. I would overhear conversations that I would love to jump in on about my favorite animes or I would see people playing Yu-Gi-Oh and I wanted to duel with the cards hidden deep in my backpack. This continued throughout highschool until I met the friends that introduced me to Kingdom Hearts. From then on out, I was known as a geek and I loved every second of it! So, never hide your true self, it’s misery!

My name is Emily and I am 23 years old. You can call me Rival, Emily, Em, or whatever you see fit. I generally reply to anything from my name to “hey you, with the face”.  I currently work as an Associate Analyst in a chemistry lab at a Pharmaceutical company. Not the most glorious job for a geek, but hey, I can wake up and say: “Today… Is an excellent day for SCIENCE!”.

I have a bunch of interests that range from anime and classic cartoons to comic books and movies. As a general trend in anime, I tend to venture toward the Shounen genre. No matter how many times I  try to watch Shoujo, I just can’t make myself get past the first episode (much to my boyfriend’s dismay). My favorite include: Dragon Ball Z, FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Yu-Gi-Oh! (GX is my favorite, but I love YGO in general), Kyou Kara Maoh, Kuroshitsuji, Digimon,  and various others.Got a question about my favorites? I should be able to answer it!

I am a big DC comics fan and have been ever since I watched the Cartoon Network Justice League in the late 90s and early 2000s. I am starting to get into the Marvel-verse as well, but DC is definitely my comfort zone. among my favorite heroes are: The Flash (Barry Allen and Wally West are my favorites, Bart Allen can just go run off a cliff), Nightwing (and his younger self as the original Robin), Green Arrow (I LOVE archers), and Hawkeye from Marvel. I’m new to actually collecting comics, but I have been trying to learn about my favorites for years.

In my spare time, I also love to play video games! I love RPG’s and would pick them over any other type of game. I’m a sucker for a good storyline. My favorite game series of all time is definitely Kingdom Hearts, but The Legend of Zelda is definitely a close second. I do love Final Fantasy, but I’ve only played two of the games.

One of my deepest love is for Disney and classic cartoons. If you make me choose between watching age appropriate shows or Disney movies, I’ll definitely go for the latter! I grew up watching Nicktoons, Cartoon Network originals, and Disney; so I definitely have a soft spot for those cartoons. I’m also a sucker for any super hero cartoon that has a good plot. JL, Young Justice, X-men Evolution and so on!

My biggest act of geekery definitely has to be the fact that I am a cosplayer, though. I have been cosplaying since the summer of 2010 where I attended my first anime convention close to my hometown. In short, the con was awesome and my first cosplays were crap. Fast forward two years and a few months… I’m doing cosplays that are always testing my abilities and have made some of the greatest friends (and enemies) through this past time. I generally stick to conventions in the Southeast US, and would love to meet all of you lovely people!

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