Welcome to the world of Pokemon  My name is Oak! People call me the Pokemon Prof! This world is inhabited by creatures called Pokemon!

Well that’s not really important if you’re one of those pesky social justice bloggers.

But thats not why you’re here is it? IS IT?

Well, with that being said…

Like I said Pokemon Black/White 2 came out last Sunday, if you haven’t picked it up I’ll give you a few good reasons why… but that comes after you click that ” more’ thingy.

So around the interwebs and the place that sometimes likes to acknowledge my employment I’ve heard a lot of mixed feelings about the release of the new game. The majority was the same you see every time a main story Pokemon game releases.

A new Pokemon game you say? I’m there!!

Then you have the naysayers that are like “really Pokemon black and white 2? Why can’t we get a new game, or a ruby/sapphire remake” or “pssh. i haven’t played since like elementary school”.

Fine, I didn’t want to share my delicious candy with you anyways.

While Black/White 2 does share a continuity with the Black/White game it is NOT just a rehash of the same game with added features. It indeed is a whole new game that can be played both as a standalone or as a followup to the previous chapter.

I for one strongly suggest the game be played in continuation of Black/White’s main story arc. There is a mode/action/thing that allows you to link “memories” of your previous game. Doing this opens up an entirely new arc which allows  you to capture a certain single letter named fellow who did not come from Whammy’s House’s liberated Pokemon in the wild.

So, blah blah blah, the story takes place 2 years after Black/White in the world of Unova. Things have changed, you’re a new trainer making his or her mark in the world of Pokemon. Catch them all, fill up your pokedex and become the best that ever was.

You should already know that by now.

But whats different is like i said, i feel that the game is a middle ground between the DS platform and the 3DS platform with intense improvements in both audio and visual. The music is phenomenal and even includes vocals in some parts of the game!

The game is a nice blend of new and old generation pokemon and is a good feel for those of us raised on the older versions. True to the series there are many key elements that distinguish each version.

PokeJungle.net has a nice clear list of version variations here:


Drink up! How does Mimi@ 2 Shots feel about Pokemon Black/White 2?



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