I Want These! – San Diego Comic Con 2013 Exclusives

Evo is done, and I will post an article about my first Evo experience. Before I get to that though, San Diego Comic Con 2013 is here! Every year, companies come to San Diego Comic Con to show their wares, and of course, sell exclusive items you can’t get anywhere else. I still have a Batman figure from SDCC 2008. There are so many of them, and depending on the available quantity and price, will be the odds of getting one. You can get the full list here, by manufacturer. I will now list the items that I hope to get this year. I do have a new desk at work to fill, after all!

Green Ranger SDCC 2013A 4″ figure of the iconic, old school green ranger! This year marks the 20 year anniversary of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. For those of us who grew up watching this great show, the green ranger is an iconic hero. Bandai has decided to bring this figure to SDCC! It will come with a die-cast Ranger Coin as well, to add to your collection. It will run for $25. Here’s hoping I get one!



SDCC 2013 Mini Doh ExclusiveA 3.5″ Gold Mini-Doh! figure made of PVC and ABS by Squids Kid Ink. It looks just like the Nintendo cartridges of old that I grew up with. It’s shiny, it has the SDCC logo, and the invincibility star’s eyes on the bottom of the cartridge. Tell me that wouldn’t make any desk look more legit! This will sell for $19.99



Doom Marine SDCC 2013This year also marks the 20th anniversary of the original Doom. That deranged smile on the bottom of the screen always helped me press on. It truly was a memorable experience. We didn’t complain about not having a jump button back then! Symbiote Studios is selling a Doom Marine variant of their Symbiotes, including a BFG and helmet. This will show everyone that I have a…big…freakin…gun! It will sell for $19.99


Dark Knight SDCC 2013The best for last, only because I’m such a huge Batman fan. Square Enix is bringing Batman into their Play Arts collection. This figure is based on the Nolan trilogy that has been gracing theaters for the last few years. The figure shows great levels of details, and has a metallic black finish. The figure stands 10″ tall, comes with interchangeable hands, weapons, and a display stand. Square Enix will sell this for $64.99. It would truly be the centerpiece on any desk.

I will also be on the lookout for other items. I want at least one more Prinny plush, and an Adon figure would truly make my desk, or any geek’s collection really, a true masterpiece. Plus I also need some more Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy stuff…because…it’s just necessary. I hope I can get all these, and I hope those of you going to SDCC will walk away with a good amount of swag. For the geeks!

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