I was a button masher like you once,

But then I took a Hadoken to the knee!!!

Sorry, that meme is overworked.

But anyways, I know I speak for most of us here at 2 Shots when I say that I am excited for the Street Fighter X Tekken game this March, but here’s a little secret… 

Tekken is my prime. I’m way better at Tekken than any Street Fighter franchise.

However this game is based on Street Fighter mechanics so naturally I expected a bit of a leaning curve when the game releases. But then I saw the combo charts.

Then I showed you the combo charts. (click through for larger pics)

Seems simple enough, but I’ve always struggled with Street Fighter timing mechs. I’m hoping I can tweak the gem system to outweigh my weaknesses. But regardless I am retarded stoked for this game. What do you say guys?

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