Incipio Inscribe Stylus

imageWe all know how easy it is to get fingerprints on our touchscreen devices. And I bet you’ve noticed the occasional inaccuracy of using your finger! With Tablets, smartphones, gaming systems all with touchscreens the accessories market has been flooded with many items to enhance your experience. Not all of the are worth it, but today we find out if Incipio’s Inscribe Stylus and Pen are worth picking up.

First, I must say this one has a nice solid weight to it. It feels like a good pen. On the penimage side it writes well and the cap is well positioned with a solid clip on the cap. When using as a pen, it does take a little getting used to as it feels short. On the other side is the soft rubber used for your stylus. Through Incipio you can even get them engraved through their bespoke Monogram App available on iOS devices.

I spent some time playing games, browsing the internet and moving about the OS on my HP Touchpad with ease. I also fired up my convertible touchscreen netbook and played with MS paint and again typical navigation. The stylus performed without issue. No smudges left on the screen and accuracy was spot on. Untitled
In fact, here is a small drawing using MS Paint. Its no Picasso, but it shows the potential for this stylus. I recommend this as another in the class of well made Stylus. The best benefit it has is the ability to replace the ink easily.

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