Injustice: Gods Among Us Comic Issue 16 Review

Injustice Comic Cover 6

Yes, it is a single issue review. I figured since now we are caught up, we should review the issues as they are released. The fight in Arkham has started, and as we saw in the end of issue 15, Robin is in quite a bind. How does this battle progress, and can it stay interesting as we go further into the story? Let’s find out.

I have a love/hate relationship with this issue. The Batman villains are portrayed perfectly. The Riddler, Harley, Killer Croc, are all represented well. The fights are both serious and comical. I really had fun reading through most of this issue. We see how powerful Solomon Grundy can be. He is truly a beast. Most people don’t know the extent of his power, but one easy way to say it is this: he is a super strong, regenerating zombie. Think about that. The fight with him is well thought out and executed.

Now, why do I hate the issue? Having already played the game, there is a certain event that is supposed to happen in this comics series. Something that has not happened so far in DC to my knowledge. I was really looking forward to seeing how it plays out, and it happens in this issue. It is such a letdown. It’s the worst “accident” I’ve ever seen represented in a comic to illustrate an important event. Everyone reacts like they should for an event of this magnitude, but it really makes it hard to care about the rest of the story due to how this was played out. I still recommend picking up this issue, but it’s going to be hard to continue with this series after this issue.

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