Injustice: Gods Among Us Comic Issue 18 Review

Injustice Insert 8The time to pick sides is here. I had said previously this series reminds me of the Justice Lords arc in the Justice League cartoon, but it’s starting to remind me of Marvel’s Civil War arc as well. It is also reminding me that heroes aren’t like they were when I was a kid. Back then, heroes weren’t really questioned, they truly were godlike. If they did something, it must be for our own good. Injustice is showing us that isn’t always the case. This is a talk heavy issue. How did it go?

Batman isn’t allowed to mourn for long, which is good, because he’s Batman, he doesn’t mourn. It all starts with him and Catwoman meeting up with an unlikely ally: the president of the United States. He enlists Batman’s help in stopping the Justice League, and points out how the group of super-powered beings has been acting since Superman took a more active role in peace. Batman says something very memorable here: “You can’t just stop a war. The reason for all the fighting…is still there.” Take this to heart for any argument in life folks, you can’t just end it, you have to work it out.

The rest of the issue sees Batman and Catwoman recruiting heroes for the resistance against Superman and the Justice League. The issue is well-written, and it makes you care about what’s happening, because I think that if heroes existed in our world, this is how it would play out. No black and whites. There is some humor spread out in the issue, but it’s all an important part of this arc. This issue does what it’s supposed to: continue a great story, and make you really want to see what happens next. So far, the comic tie-in is kicking the actual game’s story’s butt. Oh, and one more reason Batman is so awesome: he predicted the president of the U.S contacting him for this reason. Only Batman knows what the president is thinking and will do next 🙂

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