Injustice: Gods Among Us Comic Issues 1-3 Review

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Injustice is the talk of the town this week. Just released yesterday, Injustice: Gods Among us promises to be the first real high quality DC fighting game. NetherRealms claims that the story is a big focus for them. To this end, they have released a comic series to lead into the story in the main game. Everyone loves prequels right? I have picked up all these issues, which cost 99 cents each(Except the first issue, it is being offered free for a limited time). I did this through the DC comics app on my Galaxy Note 2. I will review them in three issue increments, since they are quickly digested. How did it turn out? Let’s find out.

This series is being headed by Tom Taylor and Jheremy Raapack. The art style is balanced. It’s not too cartoony, but it looks just like you’d expect it to if you “cartooned” the game’s graphics. I like it. It’s not too kiddish, it’s gritty enough for the material being presented. The comic begins with present day, a world being ruled by a tyrannical man of steel. We then go back in time to how it all started. This is supposed to be in present continuity, universe not disclosed. Superman is going to be a father. It is illustrated just like you’d expect it. Superman reacts like you’d figure he would, and Batman shows up, to give him his expected reaction. This sets up the events leading to the game.

The first three comics are all packed with great scenes, and bits of the story leading up to the game. The Joker is inserted in a clever way. They really portray him in a way that makes him a threat, even to Superman. As you read through these, the eventual conclusion isn’t hard to predict. No spoilers here, the game portrays Superman as a tyrant, so you know it won’t go too well for him here. Still, it is a gut-wrenching couple of issues, as you see how Superman is being led to tragedy, while he is pretty much powerless to stop it. It makes you care about what is about to happen, and curious as to how it will play out. That is what a prequel should do. Great job to DC on this so far. The first three issues are definitely worth reading, every one of them. Look forward to the review on issues 4-6 tomorrow.

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