Injustice: Gods Among Us Comic Issues 10-12 Review

Injustice Comic Cover 4

Alliances are being made, the lines are being drawn in the sand, and things are changing in the world of Injustice. We are seeing a side of Superman we have not really seen before. The closest thing would be the Superman in the Justice League animated series in the Justice Lords angle. We must not forget that this is a world that was already divided: land and sea. The king of Atlantis has been silent…until now.

This series of issues begins with something I’ve been waiting for: the confrontation between Batman and Superman. For the first time, Superman is the agressor, he is judging what Bruce Wayne is doing, and what he feels and thinks. He doesn’t believe his values are in the right place, and inflicts a few low blows in the process. While this is happening, Aquaman tries to punish a fishing boat for their involvement in damaging sea life. This degrades into a battle between Aquaman and his forces against the Justice League. I like Aquaman’s portrayal, he shows confidence and kindness for his people.

As the battle continues, Superman makes his presence known, in a big way. We are shown just how powerful the man of steel can be, and how clever he can be when he needs to be. The fight continues, with a lot of emotional exchange between Wonder Woman and Aquaman especially. When everything is said and done, we don’t really have a clear winner and loser. The only thing you can be certain of is that change is coming, and Superman is leading it. We also see a different side of Wonder Woman. It really makes me eager to know where this will lead, and where it will end leading into the game. If you missed the reviews for the previous issues, check out 1-3 here, 4-6 here, and 7-9 here.


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