Injustice: Gods Among Us Comic Issues 13-15 Review

Injustice Comic Cover 5

I’m a bit confused. I thought that this series would end right before the game came out, to make it an easy segway for those who wanted the game on release to get the full story experience. Apparently I was wrong, as this last week we got issue 15, and it’s still going to continue. That being said, things are continuing to get personal, as Superman is becoming more of a dictator than a hero, albeit a benevolent one(for the most part).

In issue 13 we see Superman’s “my way or the highway” attitude to world peace. There is a protest going on in Australia, and he tells everyone involved to go home, or else. This provokes an undercover “hero” to take action against the people he idolizes. We then see how things would be if the heroes we worship had complete control. Someone gets hurt, and it forces the Flash to really think about what’s going on, not a position he’s used to.

Issues 14-15 go through Superman’s next step in his plan: Gotham City. He doesn’t believe in the way Batman is handling his villains, so he decides to take matters into his own hands. This leads to a betrayal from Batman’s camp, and an altercation in Arkham Asylum where alliances are once again tested. It all ends with the release of a powerful villain, and what seems like the potential death of one of the heroes. It is a good set of issues, and there isn’t much wasted time or space as far as important plot points. I really like the way Superman is changing. It gives us something we haven’t seen: a man of steel acting with a will worthy of his name.

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