Injustice: Gods Among Us Comic Issues 4-6 Review

Injustice Comic Cover 2

It’s getting…interesting in the Injustice comics. We have once again seen how evil and maniacal the Joker can be, this time reaching the very soul of the man of steel. Now that the Joker has committed one of the biggest crimes in his life, what is the backlash from Superman? How about the Justice League? Let’s find out.

Superman has just experienced his greatest loss ever, at the hands of the Joker. These next few issues go over the immediate fallout of this major event. Issue #4 shows Superman in sorrow, with support from his fellow leaguers. We still see how much of a kind person Clark Kent is, but it’s easy to see where he snaps. We see him fight one of his fellow leaguers, and then do something you never expected him to do. It’s a great read. Issue #5 isn’t as explosive. It’s an issue focused on Harley Quinn and Green Arrow, and how they react to the events of issue #4. It isn’t that interesting, and it is clearly just filler for the next issue.

Issue #6 picks up where #4 left off. We see something that I’m sure a lot of us have wondered about: Superman finally pays attention to EVERYTHING that is criminal that is going on in the entire world. It presents a very interesting point: what would happen if there was a God-like being protecting us, and then took all matters into his own hands? Superman starts small, but is clearly doing this out of his own pain. The story presents us a very human Clark Kent, and yet easily transitions into the God known as Superman. It leaves us on a great cliffhanger, and you wonder what Superman is going to do next, but more importantly: what is Batman going to do next? I really recommend you pick up issues 4 & 6, skip 5, unless you want a filler issue with Harley and Green Arrow. If you haven’t already, check out our review on issues 1-3 here.


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