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Once again, I’m behind and busy! With relatives visiting and last-minute projects to do I’m a tad bit behind (like 3-4 days) but I’ve seen enough to get somewhere. I’m living off of like 4-5 hours of sleep (which isn’t enough for me) so bear with me and my ramblings for a bit while I sing you the song of my people– I mean leave a first impression of anime.

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate- I don’t quite understand how this series will fit together. The first scene we see has to do with basically a girl taking a photo during a snowy night and it looks like deals are being negotiated, then that girl gets knocked out, memory card is destroyed, and she’s left there in a pool of blood. Next thing we know it’s an anime about saving the school’s Sweet club. I mean I guess it has to do with how budget cuts are causing the club to be shut down, and the girl gets a photo of the of a student in the general affairs department handing off a large amount of munny. Otherwise, all we have is a lot of fanservice that drew my little cousin off when we were watching it. It’s pretty…something at times too, a lot of sexual innuendos are thrown in along with girls who have huge chests, but that’s anime for ya. I do like the mood of the anime though, dunno, it’s not too cheerful, not too dark, but I just have no idea what direction this will be going in, so I can’t really judge it yet.

Kono Naka ni Hikori, Imouto ga Iru!- The basics of this anime is, this : Shouga’s dad, the head of some major company, had passed away and had written in his will that Shouga would…whats the word…not surpass…not exceed…Whatever that word that means that he would take over his father’s place to run the business as the head. However, in order to fulfill that role, he must be married to someone. The day of the actual funeral for his father, Shouga is sitting in a room alone, but hears a voice outside, which claims to be his sister. The thought lingers, of a sister –who has to be an illegitimate child–, but is quickly overtaken by the idea of finding a wife. Well that kicks off instantly the first day he attends school. He becomes a cream puff buddy, or something like that, with this girl that he saved from getting hit by a truck (who also so happens to be class president), and suddenly the girl is head over heels in love with him along with a tsundere girl who barely spoke to him. I’m not usually a harem fan unless development runs kinda smoothly, and there’s a legit reason for these girls to be in love, but I’m not feeling it in this one.

Tari Tari- This anime gives me the impression that it starts off slow, then kicks off, as not a lot happened in the first episode. So if you’ve read the synopsis, you can sense that all of these characters come together for the sole purpose of music (but then you have that one girl who’s an archer and wants to become a horseback rider…). What essentially happens is there is the school wide choir, it is made up of the vocalists, a piano player, and the piano player’s sheet music’s pager turner. The piano player has all of the songs memorised, so she has no need for her friend to turn the pages anymore. Alright, so the page turner tells the teacher in charge and asks if she can rejoin the choir. She gives her a big fat, rude, no. The girl rages, as it’s all due to a little slip up she had when she was a singer last year; talent scouts come to the show every year, and she ruined their chance by something they won’t reveal (I’ll assume the obvious of missing a note). Rather than giving up, she runs around recruiting all of her friends to make a new club. They all say no for various reasons, until they happen upon her in the park, then things change, and end of episode 1. It feels like it’ll speed up pretty fast, but I can say the first episode felt shorter than it should be, I’m hoping for a bit more development in the next episode since we pretty much got what the synopsis says.

Binbou-gami ga! (Binbougami ga!)- I’m not even sure where to begin with this anime…ok, so let’s start here; you all should know by now that Japan has many gods; this anime deals with the god of misfortune. She basically has to deal with balancing out people’s good and bad luck. Cut to the OP and then we see that the main character is probably this girl who has a huge chest, guys succumbing to her every whim (nothing sexual, don’t worry), and girls insulting her left to right.  “Aww poor girl, she’s so innocent and I feel bad for her!” believe that if you will, but she’s basically is a spoiled brat,  tsundere, rude, unmannered, teenage girl. She doesn’t live with her parents, but with a butler who’s old and sees her as his only family (as his family is long gone). We learn she drains the fortune from people around her (unintentionally) and increases their misfortune. This is where that god comes into play. The entire episode consists of the god running after this girl trying to take her fortune and give it back to people who need it. Tragedy strikes close to home and the girl feigns being apologetic and gives up her fortune only to run off with it to give to that person who suffered greatly. Overall I can see this getting old after a few episodes, but as long as the reference to a girl’s chest isn’t overused, and the main girl learns her lesson, it will be ok (but I kinda doubt it).

Dakara Boku Wa, H ga Dekinai – This is like, High School DxD all over again isn’t it? I went into the anime not sure what to expect, and I got something that made me want to cry… So the main character is a pervert. He doesn’t hide it, and he cherishes females. He’s pretty obvious about it with girls, especially his childhood friend; going to lengths such as mumbling out loud about when she might have went up a cup size. ::sighs:: later this new girl claims “he’s the one” and goes to his house with him. She does stuff with his “power” and pretty much knocks him out. While he’s out cold, she showers and comes back in only a long button down shirt. She stands over him commenting about how he’s still out, and of course, he’s wide awake and smacks his face into her

So it turns out his “power” has to do with his perverted-ness and he’s all-powerful and the key to fighting beast from some crazy world. Now I can go about giving this anime a chance and look at it as a legit story, or I can go about it as a stupid anime and describe it as a comedy. I’m not going anywhere near this, so good luck =w=

Joshiraku- This is an anime about teenage girls going about their daily lives and having normal/random conversations. Alright, sounds like all the other things I’ve seen out there, what makes this different? Not a lot, in fact, this anime bored me to the point I asked myself “is it over yet?” far too many times. I think it’s because a lot of the jokes didn’t translate too well, or they weren’t all that great. Like I remember one scene where there were talking about types of lolita (fashion style), so you know there’s shiro, kuro, deco, gothic, aristocrat, etc, and so a play on word spouted, from what to call bigger lolitas, to all sorts of random things I can’t think of at the moment. I mean it was kinda funny, but not all that great. I also think the main girls are involved in some traditional Japanese storytelling things, and like to break the 4th wall, so there’s some other misc info. I’m still not all impressed by the anime, but our tastes in humor may differ so take a look at it.

Alright, so I know I’m missing out on a lot of anime, and things have been slow, but I’m actually very short on time, so I’ll try to bring you updates of like 3-4 animes every few days. The next on my lists are my personal favorites so far, so I’ll be sure to cover them to the furthest extent. (pardon any grammar errors, I only have the time to write at like midnight)

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