Introductions Please!!

…I’m doing what now? Oh! That’s right, introductions. If I was actually doing this face to face I would be a blubbering idiot but this all through writing, so I’m A-OK with this!

The name’s Jasma, don’t forget it, or call me what everybody else does after they know me, Jaz or Jazzy….or if you want to get into profiling names, call me Raiken! Either’s fine. I’m 21…soon to be 22 in May, avid gamer, slave to They-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named…did I say slave? I mean loyal employee.

I’m an anime fan, but right now, my video games are sticking to me more. JRPG and…well…Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts guru/nerd whatever you want to call me. I play mostly….role-playing games. And the occassional Resident Evil game if it doesn’t scare the pants off of me. I’ve been going to cons for the most part of…..3 years now? And I love it. Farthest I’ve ever been away to a con had to A-kon in Dallas, Texas June 2011. I wish I could go back sometime soon, maybe if I got a caravan of people again.

Also…another thing to add, I’m a cosplayer! A girl who…cosplays a bunch of guys to that effect. But you gotta have variety than just a girl who always cosplays the severely under-dressed anime and video game┬ácharacters all the time just to garner attention. I do a lot of male cosplays because…I love it. And male costumes seem to spark my interest more than the females do.

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