imageiSesamo is a tool for the techs and do it yourselfers out there. When I first heard the name, I thought maybe Apple was trying to find a way into Sesame Street. All joking aside this this simple tool is worth taking a look at.

In the world of iPods, tablets, and other gadgets we have seen the designs go from screws everywhere to plastic and metal clips holding our devices together. This gives us a bit of a challenge when we want to repair or replace a battery ourselves. In the past I have used  the standard plastic spudgers that rarely last more than a few uses.

This is where iSesamo comes in with a stainless steel tool that is flexible and even provides a nice rubber grip. It’s thin enough to get in between the parts you need and with the stainless steel and flexible design it should last you quite some time. Over the last month I have tried this with a few different devices with pleasant results. The Lenovo K1 Ideapad for instance was a tough back panel to remove and reattach, but using the iSesamo I was able to do it with ease. Current generation iPods and iPhones were the same. The only device I had that gave me some trouble was the first generation Zune with it’s thick plastics, but even then with some finesse I had it open.

In my testing the iSesamo is a solid well made product and a great replacement for the plastic spudgers of old. It’s grip makes using it even easier, no slipping down the handle. And for MSRP of $9.99 it’s a pretty good price point. Just be cautious as with all tools you should be careful when dissecting electronics, too much force is never good as also you can inadvertently scratch the screen or bezel. With that be sure to add an iSesamo to your tool box.

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