It Begins – Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego’s Extra Life Kick-Off

One of the best perks of being involved in our awesome geek hobby is the opportunity to meet people who share your passion. We have already been involved with the fighting game community(TTF for the win!). Having already done Extra Life last year, we really want this year to be the best ever for our community. Last year we supported Los Angeles, this year, our home town of San Diego is the focus. We want to support these fantastic kids as much as we can. So what are we doing to help them? 

This past Thursday, Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego held an Extra Life kick-off event at Dave and Buster’s here in San Diego. It was a great time and an opportunity to meet fellow gamers, eat some food, and play some games! A lot of great info was given out to everyone who attended, and we had a chance to see how amazing these kids are. It was a great event, great food, and a fantastic way to get the word out about Extra Life. The event is still two months away, but it’s never too early to prepare and start getting people involved.

Before Extra Life happens, we will be visiting Rady’s Hospital, and bringing you personal recollections of what it’s like to interact with these amazing kids. This is our chance to show how much our community cares. We game, and we care. We can play games for a great cause. We will be working to bring you great incentives to help support local kids. Don’t forget, on October 20, we will be doing Extra Life at the Microsoft Store at Fashion Valley. The bulk of 24 hours of gaming will be done there, and we will have raffle prizes, events, contests, and more! Please join us there if you can, and if you can’t, you can donate to the team, and be assured that you are in line for awesome prizes! Let’s get together, and help out the wonderful kids in San Diego, and in any area you are willing to support! Don’t forget to check out page here to view the latest details on Extra Life in San Diego! If you have any questions, please email me at There is lots to do, let’s make sure we do our best for these wonderful kids!

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