It Finally Happened – Saint Seiya Omega Episode 33 Review

This is one of the fights we’ve been waiting to see a conclusion to. The young Dragon, Ryuho, goes against the Gold Saint, Paradox. We knew that this is the episode in which we would see the conclusion to this fight, but the concern was whether it would live up to the standards set by the original Saint Seiya. Not to spoil it, but this is in my opinion the best episode of this season so far, because it goes back to what makes Saint Seiya great: more fighting, less exposition, all win. In this anime review, I go over the latest episode of Saint Seiya Omega.

So far we know that Koga got past Harbinger and is heading to Cancer. Ryuho is continuing his fight against Paradox without much success. Koga comes into the picture and starts fighting Koga. We see something I’ve always thought we should see: a Bronze Saint using his newly acquired cosmo in the following battle. Koga does a good job against Paradox, and the fight is interesting, but since Koga is a bit exhausted after fighting Harbinger…it doesn’t go too well. Right after Koga fails though, Ryuho gets inspired, and goes against Paradox.

I am a bit conflicted with what happens next. Ryuho finally gets the right motive and inspiration to really fight Paradox, and the fight that takes place afterwards is truly worthy of Saint Seiya. The seventh sense is talked about, and we feel the increased power in our Bronze hero. The thing I liked here is that it wasn’t just awakening the seventh sense and then winning, they fight for a little while before Ryuho lets loose the big guns. Based on what that technique is…I am conflicted as a Saint Seiya fan as to whether I should like this or not. I feel it should have taken longer to get to this point, but I must say, seeing Ryuho use this great technique really brought the nostalgia forward. Fantastic fan service there. We now continue into the next house, but we still leave the door open for Paradox to make some sort of return.

As we approach Cancer, I’m really looking forward to seeing how it all unfolds. So far it is different from the original 12 houses in that we still have a teamwork spirit here, whereas in the original series, by this point everyone was fighting on their own. The only concern I have is that as a Saint Seiya fan, I saw the two things I wanted to see the most already: how the new Pegaus and Dragon Saints reached the next level. The question now is how they can keep my and other long time fans’ interest. I don’t have an answer for this, but so far, I have faith in this new season. Thanks for making me long for a new Saint Seiya episode every week, Omega team. I’m happy to still be a huge fan of Saint Seiya.

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