New Items List: ‘Zelda: ALttP’

It’s HIGHLY advised you read the Retro Review of Zelda: ALttP, before reading this list of Items making their franchise debut!

-Items – returning item (yes or no)
Arrows  (as individual inventory)
Magic Powder
Fire rod  (note: This is very similar to the magic rod from the first LoZ)
Ice Rod
Ether  Quake  and Bombos  Medallions – However, they may be a base for other appearances in later games, like ‘Ocarina of Time’ (The Bombos medallion has a striking resemblance to the Forest Medallion )
Magic Hammer  (Though the Hammer itself is not a new item, it IS introduced as a weapon for the first time here)
Ocarina  (Though the actual name is the Flute in ALttP, its physical appearance is, in fact, an ocarina)
Bug Catching Net  (Only reappears in ‘Skyward Sword’, but has an appearance in ‘Soul Calibur II’ for Gamecube as Link’s joke weapon)
Book of Mudora  (Though similar books can be seen in later games as plain books in libraries and on bookshelves, though it’s not confirmed to be the actual book)
Empty Bottle  (I may be wrong, but I do firmly believe that this game was the first to introduce the use of an empty bottle in inventory)
Cane of Somaria  Cane of Byrna  (However, the Cane of Byrna DOES reappear in ‘Soul Calibur II’ for the Gamecube)
Magic Cape  (Don’t mix it up with Roc’s cape from ‘The Minish Cap’)
Magic Mirror  While Mirrors do reappear in later games with similar powers (e.g: Mirror of Twilight, Dark Mirror), the Magic Mirror itself with its complete powers list, does not.
Bee and Golden Bee  Bug catching will later become a fairly large thing in Zelda games later in the series, but having the Bee or Golden Bee in a bottle used as a weapon to kill, is exclusive to ‘ALttP’

Now that the Weapons are out of the way, some new features are:

Master Sword  Very obviously, the Master Sword will reappear in later games. This game, However, introduces the sword and lets Link upgrade it to make it stronger!
Tempered Sword
Golden Sword  Not seen again in any US released game, However, it does reappear in a special Japan-only game for a Japan only add-on to the Super Famicom (Japanese Super Nintendo) system. The game, ‘*BS The Legend of Zelda: Inishie No Sekiban’ (BS The Legend of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets), is specifically for the BS-X Broadcasting System, which to my understanding, utilized radio waves much like an old skool TV broadcasting receiver (the “Rabbit Ears”), and received levels weekly, playable for only an hour a week. The game is a sequel to ‘ALttP’, and played very similarly as far as user interface, but story and progression is VERY, VERY different. The Master Sword found in the game is actually the Golden Sword, due to the actions of Link in ‘ALttP’.
Red Shield  Though it will pave the way for later shield improvements in the later games, it’s not seen again as the Red Shield.
Mirror Shield
Blue  and Red  mail – While the mail’s abilities to boost defense and reduce damage is not new to the Zelda games at the time of ‘ALttP’, instead of being the power of a ring (Blue or Red Ring, as seen in ‘The Legend of Zelda’), it is in the form of a mail tunic. The defensive capabilities do return in this form in later games, but only as the blue tunic.
Pegasus Boots
Power Glove  As an item that increases Link’s Physical Strength rather than his sword-swinging strength, it is a new item idea to the LoZ series.
Titan’s Mitt  Note: The idea of the Power Glove and Titan’s Mitt were the foundations for the Silver and Golden Gauntlets in ‘Ocarina of Time’.
Zora’s Flippers
Moon Pearl  Only in Four Sword Adventures, does this item re-emerge.

Hope you enjoyed the Retro Review of “The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past”, and as always, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, moans, or complaints… don’t hesitate to hit me up on our facebook page, or comment below.

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