It’s a Good Jog – Temple Run Android Review

I’m an Android supporter through and through. I know that there aren’t as many games on this platform as there are on the iOS. I’m OK with that. I know there are games on iOS that I want but are not available to me. I love Android to much to defect, so I live with this fact. One game that looked interesting to me was Temple Run by Imangi Studios. I know we have a lot of games with the common “Run & Jump” concept, but Temple Run seemed different. It has unlockables, good production values, and seeming lasting value. It was finally released for the Android O.S last week, and I’ve given it a good run through. I tested this game on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus. How is it?

Temple Run has a basic concept: get as far away from the monkeys chasing you after you stole their idol. Granted after a while you forget about them entirely, but the goal is the same: escape! You run forward by default, and you must take appropriate action to make sure your adventurer doesn’t meet his demise. This can be through falling into an alligator filled lake, running into a fire beam, etc. Your controls are simple: swipe left or right to turn in that direction, swipe up to jump, swipe down to slide, and tilt left or right to move left or right. It doesn’t get much simpler than that folks.

The reason why this game works is because the coins that you acquire can be used to buy different power-ups and characters. You get power-ups like the coin magnet, which draws coins to you, the invisibility power-up, which makes you invulnerable to obstacles, among others. This is the reason Temple Run remains fresh. You keep playing to earn coins to unlock new power-ups. Acquiring everything in the shop will take a long while, so Temple Run gives you quite a bit of fun with a lot to shoot for.

Temple Run is also easy to pick up and put down, since most games last an average of a minute or so. You can buy more coins by doing offers that benefit the developer, but that’s only if you’re so impatient you won’t play the game enough, have fun, and earn them on your own. I do recommend getting the easy one by liking them on Facebook. Let developers know we want them to come to Android, and that we can help them make more money than they did on iOS. Android ftw!


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