Jaybird CES Visit – Freedom Wireless Headphones Overview

I am a healthy geek, last six weeks not withstanding. Yes, I did the holiday binge thing, so I can’t wait to get back into the exercising spirit. That being said, I’m always looking for new gear to use on my workouts. I’ve used many headphones that pop out of my ear, are uncomfortable during workouts, etc. I got an email from Jaybird, detailing wireless headphones that are used by USA Triathlon. I had to stop by and give them a shot.

The product that caught my eye was Jaybird’s JF3 Wireless Freedom Bluetooth Headphones. They are a pair of wireless ear buds with a few unique features. They have a small wire, and you wear them behind your head. This reduces the risk of them catching on something. These have a built in mic, so you can use them to take calls. The mic is built into one of the ear buds, so there is no additional piece on the cable. I’ve always hated that little piece too…it just bugs me for some reason, looks unnatural.

The main unique feature in these headphones is the proprietary ear cushion that is in each ear bud. It goes right above the piece that goes into your ear, and fits snugly in your ear to prevent the ear buds from moving and dislodging from your ear. They do feel a bit odd at first, but you get used to it. I did a few jumping jacks and ran in place for a minute, they never left my ear. The sound has a good amount of bass, and is very clear. They are sweat proof, and feel very sturdy. They retail for $99. I hope to get a chance to use them for an extended period soon. We will keep you posted on Jaybird’s offerings in the future.

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