Jet Pack Fighter now available on iOS from Hi-Rez Studios


Jetpack Fighter is the new Free-to-Play action game from Hi-Rez Studios, the creators of SMITE. In Jetpack Fighter you get to demolish evil robots, as well as other baddies, by using an intuitive swiping action while progressing through each stage. You also get to unlock new fighters and weapons. Also if you connect to a Hi-Rez account you get to unlock Nemesis, a SMITE goddess, to play as in the game. Also once you unlock Leona, a Jetpack Fighter, you get a code to unlock a skin of Leona to use on Nemesis in Smite. Besides the normal mode where you go on missions, there is also a time trial and endless mode. So there are several great ways to hang out with your favorite Fighter.

Hi-Rez studios has experience with esports and they are going to use that knowledge to support Jetpack Fighter into an emerging esport on a mobile platform. Its also Free-to-Play! So if you want a free game with some awesomely awarding gameplay give Jetpack Fighter a shot. Its already available on iOS in English speaking territories.


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