Kanex at CES 2012

IMG_5663One of the first booths I visited at CES this year was Kanex who were showing off quite a few cool products. While they focus primary on accessories for Apple products, the also have a a treat those of us with Bluetooth phones and music players. Let’s take a closer look at a few products they were showing off.

Meet Sydnee, a charging solution that caught my eye and piqued my intrigue. Sydnee imageallows you to charge four iPads or other iOS devices at once. What I like is that you can dock three iPads in one charging solution that not only saves space, but prevents tangled messy cords from going everywhere. While only three iPads fit there is also one cable left for another iOS device to lay on the table or desk. You get 2.1 Amps per device when charging for a nice quick charge. It is also a very stylish piece of equipment that could look great almost anywhere.

IMG_5658Next up in SnapX, a KVM switch for the Mac. Wait? A KVM Switch, but what’s the big deal you ask? While KVM switches are common with Windows PCs, they are rare in the Apple world. Especially one that supports Mini DisplayPort. It features a smart looking design, is built clutter free and even supports audio. In fact, the USB pass through means you have support for the Apple Cinema Display’s iSight, Speakers, and USB ports.

And last but not least was my favorite at the Kanex booth. AirBlue is a Bluetooth receiver with audio cables to connect to say a speaker, home theater system, or car stereo. It’s portable with a rechargeable 10 hour battery and works with the iPod, iPhone, and other MP3 players that have Bluetooth. See it in action in the video below.

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