Interested in what went down at Hawaii’s Annual Kawaii-Kon? Did you go? Did you meet us? If you answered “YES” to ANY or ALL of these questions, then we have something for you. We posted almost 100 pics from our first day at the Kon, and we would like YOU to comment/like them on Facebook so we know who you are. We’re friendly, and we won’t bite (Team Rocket doesn’t bite, our Zubat do, and I didn’t have a Zubat then). Let us know who you are, so we can tag you and let the WORLD know who you are. We selected many of you to pose for pictures we took, or pose with us for pictures we had others take. Interested? Check out the “Kawaii-Kon 2012” album on our Facebook page (here) and show everyone the cosplays you worked so hard on and succeeded in making a great image of the characters you portrayed. See you there!

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