Kickstart to The Face – Help Bring Divekick to PC!

It’s time to shine light on one of the most hype games that could potentially come out…Divekick! Yes, Divekick! I posted a piece on this fantastic piece before, wishing that the game would see the light of day as an official release. Well guess what…

It can happen! Divekick started off as a joke project, by’s Keits and some others. It took off big time with the fighting game community. Everyone embraced Divekick,  and the hype that it brings. The concept of the game is so simplistic, but it is incredibly exciting. The excitement that is has brought at many events, from CEO to Evo 2012, is amazing. We now have a chance to help get Divekick out into the wild! A Kickstarter has been started for Divekick, with the goal being to raise $30,000 by August 1. If the goal is met, Divekick for everyone will be a reality! Please help bring Divekick to the limelight! Visit the official Kickstarter page by clicking on the image below. There are several rewards for different pledges, including the nice shirt shown below, having yourself in the credits or a background, and much more! Please help Divekick a reality! Keep the hype going!

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