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What if the world was experiencing a seemingly endless winter for as long as anyone can remember, and in order to survive you had to set all of your material possessions ablaze? Well, don’t fret! Thankfully we’re safe from such a scenario and Tomorrow Corporation brought us the unique game titled Little Inferno to satisfy our urge to throw things into a fireplace! It is currently available on many platforms including PC, Windows, Mac, Linux, Wii U and iOS.
The premise of the game is quite simple. You play from the first person perspective of a citizen in a town where everyone is prompted to keep indoors and keep warm using their Little Inferno fireplace which was created by the in-game company Tomorrow Corporation. See what they did there?
The setup is basic. You stare into your Little Inferno where there is a money counter, a postage stamp counter to its right, an item bar at the bottom of the screen and to the upper right, your achievements tab.Little Inferno 2013-06-02 20-39-31-21
As mentioned, the game is simple, the only thing you have to do is buy items from the catalogs located on your item bar, drag and drop them into your fireplace, arrange them however you want and burn them by left-clicking. (I played on the PC so the controls are mouse based).
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There are a bunch of unique items to choose from in seven different catalogs unlocked by burning stuff and earning combo achievements. Each item burns in a different and humorous fashion that will make many players chuckle. Take this “Old Lady Doll” for example. Adorable, isn’t she?
Little Inferno 2013-06-02 20-44-09-56
Well, set her on fire!
Little Inferno 2013-06-02 20-44-33-55
When she burns flies start to fly out of her coat and hair to escape the flames! You can’t see the flies in this screenshot. I liked how this one looked more than the one with bugs.
Because I had such a fun time burning things, I decided to insert a few more screenshots for all of you to see!
Here we have a handheld gaming console, “Handheld Fireplace” and a “Low Self-Esteem Action Doll”.Little Inferno 2013-06-02 20-43-34-63
There is an item called “My Picture” which lets players take a picture from the pictures folder and creates burnable photo in the game. It is great for those of us who wish to relive the exciting moments of burning memories of ex boyfriends or girlfriends.
Little Inferno 2013-06-03 13-20-55-89
I’ve never done that though so I used some pictures of Selena Gomez because SHE’LL NEVER LOVE ME!
This is a toaster. When you burn it, happy little toasts pop out, and when they are set on fire, which, most of the time happens from the toaster’s spreading flames, they scream the cutest little wails of death.
Little Inferno 2013-06-02 20-42-21-26
Looking at the item bar in the above screenshot, there are three items, two which you have seen me burn and a “Feelings Bear Plushie”. The two boxes to their right are items being sent from the catalog. Each item has a shipping time ranging from several seconds to five minutes. As items burn, they will give you more money and possibly stamps. Stamps can be used to speed up the shipping process to “next day shipping”. To collect the coins (as seen in the screenshot of corn on the cob remains below) or stamps, simply left-click on them.
Little Inferno 2013-06-02 20-42-01-12
On top of the burning, Little Inferno also has a moving and rather inspiring story. As you set stuff on fire, you’ll receive mail from one of three characters, Miss Nancy (CEO of Tomorrow Corporation), The Weather Man who tells the weather from a hot air balloon above the city and a little girl named Sugar Plumps.
Each letter moves the story along, the letters from Sugar Plumps are significantly important, even though after you read them, chances are they’ll end up as ash in your Little Inferno.
The game gets pretty dark as you progress and ends with an interesting turn of events that I personally was not expecting though, I do have to say that it did not conclude in a way I approve of. I’m all for closure so, as the credits began to roll I felt a bit disappointed that some parts of the story were left for interpretation and not solidified .
Little Inferno is filled with wit and quirky humor that players will find quite enjoyable and, the satisfaction of watching several things burst into flames leads to a few hours of good fun for less than the price of a movie ticket. With simple controls and a curious plot that will drive you to burn things without a break, Little Inferno is worth a shot. I would recommend this game to anyone who is looking for a relaxing time playing something that won’t drive you crazy due to difficulty. Pyromaniacs may like it too.

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