Livio At CES 2014

The automotive industry as a whole is trying to embrace new technology. Most manufacturers have their own ideas, especially when it comes to mobile connectivity and in dash systems with apps. From Audi to Kia we’ve seen them all try to tackle this challenge. Even aftermarket vendors like Pioneer are trying to get in on the action.

Now there is a movement to standardize the OEM in dash systems to work with the same apps and improve the user experience. It’s a great idea that we hope succeeds. At the forefront of this movement are a few companies that stand out. One is Google due to their large user base of android devices and being a very large corporation known to put  a lot of money into their projects. On the other hand, we have Livio whom impresses us year after year with their progress. Recently acquired by Ford and with a fresh outlook on this movement they are definitely worth watching where they go. While at CES this year we had some time to talk with them. You’ll find our video interview below and they were even kind enough to join us in a semi live recording of our podcast on the showroom floor. You can find the podcast in our podcasts section under episode 97.

Livio Interview at CES 2014

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  1. I loved the wedding, and got so much out of it, more the sconed time. I watched it Friday morning at 7 and again Saturday night almost by accident. It was an American broadcast the first time and a British one the sconed, so that made it special too two different viewpoints. There were many things that impressed me. I could expound on the spirituality of it, the emphasis on the true self, but especially that Harry had written the music for the piece with John Milton’s words (during the registry). I was amazed! Did I hear it right?

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