Logitech K400 Touch Keyboard Review

wireless-touch-keyboard-k400-amr-glamour-imagesLet me introduce Logitech’s new Touch Keyboard, model K400. This particular wireless keyboard was designed for environments were having a traditional keyboard and mouse is cumbersome. For example using this in the living room with your computer that is connected to the TV, whether that be a laptop or custom rig for that sole purpose. The K400 does this by including a touchpad to the right of  the keys. Let’s take a look.

The first thing that is obvious is the size. The keyboard portion is roughly the same size as the keyboard on my netbooks. The Touchpad is a standard laptop size. It’s very light and thin with a small section on the rear that is raised to insert your batteries and receiver.It’s easy to hold and store without comprising too much space. Also of note, there is no number keys as would be found in a traditional keyboard.

wireless-touch-keyboard-k400-amr-icon-images_003In the upper left we have a few media keys. Here you’ll find mute, volume up, volume down, and home which will launch your web browser. One other key that comes in handy is the left mouse key, pressing it or double taping it to launch a program or follow a link where ever your cursor lies at the time. In Windows 7, I am also able to tap the touchpad for the same function.

As for comfort and use I find this to be perfect for it’s intended use. However, the keys are very close and as so would prove to be difficult to type for long periods. For the simple web search or calling up a windows command- it is fine. It is not the sturdiest of keyboards, but it does feel like it can take a minor beating. It’s simple plastic design provides the lightweight we crave for such environments. In all I find this to be a very capable keyboard for a reasonable price of MSRP $39.99.

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