Mars Attacks Judge Dredd

MA-DREDD02-CoverAI’ll admit I don’t get to read comic books as often as I used to, nor as often as I’d like. However, there are a few Comics on the horizon that are a must. One such 4 part mini series is Mars Attacks Judge Dredd which debuted in September. Issue 2 was released earlier this month.

First off, this is Judge Dredd which means we know it should be rough, crazy story. Then throw in those aliens from Mars Attacks MA-DREDD01-CoverAand that is where things get fun and interesting. Without spoilers this looking to be a dark story with some aliens who just as bad , if not worse than the mob.

The art fits well with the story and reminds me of the 1980’s era of comics, but with more vividness. The story and writing flows well and with a few surprises keeps me eager for the next chapter. It’s a gritty story and one I recommend picking up. 

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