Mars Attacks The Transformers Review

MarsAttacks_Transformers-CvrAIn years of past we have had yet a few crossovers into the Transformers universe. In the early days at Marvel, Spider-Man was guest appearance in the G1 Comics of the 80’s. Later on we would see G.I. Joe crossing over at one time from the Marvel days, the Dreamwave era, and even Devil’s Due Publishing, each with their own twist on story or continuity. Then IDW and Marvel came together and brought us a tale of the Avenger’s and the Transformers back in 2007. Transformers have long held their own, but sometimes it’s nice to see them interact with another franchise. Which brings us to IDW’s latest crossover, Mars Attacks The Transformers. Read on to see what this adventurer thought!

While I certainly don’t want to give the story away, well, let’s just say a surprising turn of events gives an ugly Martian (Mars Attacks) force the idea that they can invade Earth despite knowing of the battle of the giant Transformers. What follows is an adventure no comic book fan should ignore. We get great art with a witty story that is likely to have you chuckling. The story brings back a lot of the key memories of the G1 era 80’s cartoon, The Transformers that I grew up on and mixes it with the wit and ugliness of the invading Martians. Short and sweet, it’s an easy read and one of the best Transformers crossovers I’ve had the pleasure of reading.

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