Mass Effect 3 Preview

imageThis past week I was one of the first to play Mass Effect 3 in Las Vegas. We were only allowed to play a short section, but it shows a lot about the quality of the game. It is also worth noting that the game is still in development so a few things may change and be improved upon.

Commander Shepard returns with many familiar faces on both sides of the line. As for the story, I can’t say much. However, if you played the first two games you may like to know that Shepard and Mordin do find a female Krogan, whose race was reduces to just males due to a bio-engineered disease. Just a tease!

That was the goal of the mission we played. Rescue this female Krogan which took us through a few areas fighting mech and a larger boss mech. The graphics were amazingly detailed and way better than Mass Effect 2. Sound effects and vocals were spot on and the controls were friendly and familiar.

What’s new? Kinect voice commands allow us to open doors, research items, switch weapons, control your squad, in game conversations and perform attacks all with a simple voice command. This actually makes playing the game more fluid as you don’t have to pause the game to pick an ability. It works very well and I was a little skeptical about talking to the game. But after a few minutes it just seemed normal and even more fun.

Mass Effect 3 is looking great, I am very excited with what I have experience and I am even more so looking forward to the final release. It cannot come soon enough! Bioware is set to release another top notch Mass Effect game this march.

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