Mass Effect 3 Soundtrack +

I’m currently sitting here listening to the Soundtrack to Mass Effect 3. I’m also about 7 hours into the game. There is a lot happening in this game, but that review will come later. My experience thus far has been amusing and read on for some reactions to both the game and soundtrack.

I’ve read a bunch of forums, articles, and blogs talking about some negative aspects of Mass Effect 3. My opinion thus far is neutral until I finish the game and/or experience those aspects myself. One complaint revolves around the ending; that it does not satisfy or that it is not related to your actions in game. People want their choices to have consequences, at least in the game. Other complaints are of the typical game glitch or bug, some state their consoles have locked up or not started the game properly-leaving a blank screen.

Certainly bugs do exist! Almost all, if not all, games have bugs. No one developer is absolutely perfect. That being said, it is rare to find game ending bugs or those that lock up your console. There have been reports of these with Mass Effect 3 and within my first few hours of gameplay my Xbox 360 froze just before a crucial save point. This required me to go back and play an hour worth of the game that I had just done! Frustrating but so far it’s only been a single occurrence. Some people report this happening frequently. The question is why? No answers yet.

Other things I’ve noticed is transitions and character movements are jerky at times. Liara moving her pose is a sudden snap like frames were missing. These I can handle, they are but minor. In Europe we have reports of custom Shepards from ME1 transferred through ME2 and then onto ME3 not importing correctly. It’s an issue that while not fun will not prevent you from playing and hopefully enjoying this game.

I can’t comment on the ending, but so far the story has been very satisfying. Satisfying and enjoyable are also good words for the soundtrack. Mine came as a download included in the Collectors Edition. It’s what a soundtrack should be, symphony style and orchestral. Huge sounds and feeling with some electronic and FX tossed in. It fits the scale of the game. With good music to guide me, I shall save the galaxy once more. A review is coming as soon as I can complete the game. 

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