Meet the New Geek!

Oh, hey there! I don’t believe we have met, for I am new to the 2 Shots of Geek crew. My name is Derek Byron or, in the gaming world, Poprawks!  I am a 22 year old recent college graduate and game fanatic from the forested land of New Hampshire.

Let me tell you a bit about my gaming interests!
I am a Poké Maniac with the devotion to be a Pokémon Professor.
Spr_RS_PokéManiac Pokémon is unquestionably my number one obsession; I have a complete living Pokédex in my copy of White2. What I’m trying to say is: expect to hear a lot of that from me, especially with Generation 6 coming out at the end of this year!

Fret not; I play more than just Pokémon. My second obsession is the Portal series. (My toys can vouch for that).
The classics are always fun to replay too and I am a huge sucker for good indie games such as Braid, Terraria, Binding of Isaac, etc.
Currently I am playing through the campaign of Sanctum 2, a FPS / Tower Defense mash-up, with a good friend of mine.

There is more to 2 Shots of Geek than just video games though and, believe me, I am more than just a gamer. I’m a lover of cartoons such as Adventure Time and I dabble in Anime here and there. I also very much enjoy a good graphic novel / comic. I even took a class on graphic narrative this past semester, it was fantastic.
Normal books are pretty cool too. As someone who went to school for English and is going to be attending graduate school for creative writing, I feel obligated to throw that in.

Music is another huge part of my life. I have music playing almost constantly. Yeah, even as I write out this introduction I am listening to my music library on shuffle, softly singing to a band I worshiped in middle school.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a shiny Charmander to hatch as I play with kittens while I finish re-watching season 3 of Arrested Development in anticipation for season 4 tomorrow!

Catch ya’ later!

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