Middle Tennessee Anime Convention 2012 Day 1 (photo album with pictures from all three days included)

So today was the first day of the 2012 Middle Tennessee Anime Convention. I felt a bit lost and out of place for quite a while because today was my very first day at a convention. To top things off, I was going as a member of the press so I did feel quite a bit pressured. Regardless of all of that, I had a great experience seeing all of the amazing, elaborate, sexy, and badass cosplayers and witnessing the various events and panels that were going on.

I personally visited the “Gods of Japan”, “The Legend of the Blue Bomber: Mega Man”, and “Best Anime You’ve Never Heard Of” panels; I shall be sure to have more information on those particular panels up later, but for now, I feel like I’m about to pass out more quickly than the time I figured out that the Gintama anime was ending. . . again. Unfortunately, that actually occurred last week, and they legitimately sounded serious which is a rare occurrence in Gintama. . . . Regardless, I must now prepare for another day of anime and video game madness for day 2 of MTAC. Check out the photo album of MTAC on the 2 Shots of Geek Facebook page, and stay up to date on the happenings of MTAC on our Twitter page. #AnimeSwag

Also, shoutouts to the cosplayers that I (that one black kid with the steampunk glasses) took pictures of at the convention today. I promised some of you guys free shots, so we shall get back to you on that soon. Or maybe not. Depends on whether or not the drink machine will cooperate with us.

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