More Than Meets The Eye #28 Review

TF_MTMTE_28_cvrSUBWe’ve seen some major changes and story arcs in the IDW Transformers universe, some crazy shake ups and, well, things that still haunt us in the late hours of night. It’s all been good, mostly good. Now in the Dawn of The Autobots, we’ve seen the foundation laid for Windblade and Prime taking Robots In Disguise back to a familiar place. However, More Than Meets The Eye should wield us a new direction, right? After all this is where we find Megatron, the latest to join the Autobot ranks- even if that was the last thing we thought possible!

The story begins six months after the events of Dark Cybertron, where things seem to be settlingTF_MTMTE_28_cvrA down in an unsettling sort of way. But wait, now we are back six months ago. The story flashes back several times. I’ve never really been a big fan of flashbacks, it’s like a shortcut. I’d rather they take time and write the story in the past and then the next segment. That’s me and that’s not saying it doesn’t work, because it does, it works.

In any case Megatron is up front and center and we go back and forth between the Lost Light and Megatron going on Trial. Come on, like you weren’t expecting it? Seriously, major war criminals even those with a change of heart must stand for the crimes. Interestingly enough, we get to see Prowl mumbling, Prime doing a face palm and other fun reactions and a few sad ones. Rodimus is still that loveable hot head. Not too mention a certain joker, playing his games. See? I’m trying not to spoil you, so I won’t even try to talk about that cliffhanger!

As for the story, it is delightfully written even with the bouncing back and forth between six months. I enjoyed seeing a few characters and how they are coping, reacting, and listening. Other characters are still surprising me. The art is fantastic as always, I find IDW always has very talented artists working on Transformers. Great artistic teams for all three series. This another comic book worth picking up. Go get it, read it, enjoy and patiently wait for the next issue!

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