More Than Meets The Eye #30 Review

TF_MTMTE_30_cvrSUBQuestions are beginning to be answered, but more questions are popping up in this mysterious story where Megatron is now an Autobot in command of the Lost Light. Okay, so maybe it’s Co Captain with Rodimus, but as you may recall from last issue- Rodimus’ body was found! Joy, Oh Joy that’s a pleasant surprise and an even bigger twist.

This week somebody must face their own mortality, the ship is disapearing and we learn more about how Megatron got on this ship as Co Captain. Yes, it’s a bit of an odd tale; but Swerve is happing to tell you- If you buying an Energon Drink or three! Oh and we find out that Earth people just read comic books and watch movies! Wow, this bot’s know us well.TF_MTMTE_30_cvrA

Story, yes, the story flows well and has a great sense of narrative and well story telling. Ha. Seriously, very well written once again. I just love some of the interaction going on between these bots. Those scenes in Swerve’s bar are spot on and can provide a laugh once in awhile. The Artwork never fails to impress me! It’s just amazing work.

Once again, we get a great story and art in this ongoing series. Be sure to pick it up. You’re sure to enjoy it!

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