MTAC is probably the biggest and most known anime convention in the state of Tennessee, which attracts a lot of con goers and tourists alike to the southern region. This years MTAC was no different with a staggering 12,000 in attendance, not including the Full Moon Horror and Tattoo convention that it shared the hotel with. While it is unheard of of me, Sephy Angel, not being seen most of the convention is unheard of, it was at this con, being that this years MTAC was my 4th year here. I was hard to find for fans and friends alike to spot me because I ‘move like a ninja’, one of my friends quoted. But surely if you saw me in my Zidane Tribal cosplay from Final Fantasy IX, you would have taken a second look.

I was always in a hurry to be somewhere, and as usual I bring my entire cosplay showcase with me in one suitcase, so I don’t blame you for not finding me when I’m a different character every 2 hours. While I enjoy MTACs, panels, guests, and cosplays, the one thing I value most in going to a con is to see my local and not-so-local friends whom I have not seen since the last con we attended together. And I make it a point to spend every waking moment I can make with them until I’m sure I’ve been around them long enough to replace the time lost for not seeing them.

Also, running a panel was a first time for me, Purple Uniphants, while Rival Skies had done another panels elsewhere. But none the less, our Kingdom Hearts panel was a tremendous success for those who may not be all the way up to boot on their favorite series to date. Sound difficulty, and some visual difficulty were not enough to stop us from getting this panel we fretted over for months before panel registration was up, to get going!

Guests were also more than jovial this year. One being the famous Todd Habberkorn, voice of many, most notably right now would be as Natsu from the popular anime, Fairy Tail. While I got a sneak peek at his next upcoming role as Rowen J. Ilbert, from the recently announced Americanization of “Tales of Xillia”, which is due stateside this summer on PS3. From his time spent talking about hanging with other VA’s in another part of town and trying extremely hot peppers to make his mouth numb, to endless hours spent in a charity organization, he has certainly devoted his voice actor life to the greater good. Having seen the best and worst parts of life, seeing so many¬†deaths at an early age and ranging from simple killings, to gruesome stories that you would only believe would come from a horror novel, nothing fazes him anymore as he talked of his own personal experiences with his mother.

MTAC will always hold a special place in my heart because…it’salso the closest anime convention to me, besides Anime Blues Con residing in my own home city, regardless, I always have fun. Maybe I’ll hope to see some of you there from June 21-23rd.

Very distressed at this con, I was most displeased after I got home, it finally hit me that I had not taken none if at all ANY photos from MTAC this year which left me on a sad note. But have no fear! I will take TWICE the pictures at ABC3 this year….when I’m not working for the con. Hope to see you guys REAL soon!


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