The time has come to usher in the new era…

Behold, the powers of the Geek! We have decided to band together to forge a bond in cyberspace and communicate all it is you wish to know… at least geek related…

So yeah, I’m Jesse and I’ve been geeked since I was old enough to hold a controller (which was at a very young age, in case you wouldn’t have guessed). My fortes include arcade fighters (Street Fighter over Tekken, preferrably), FPS’s, RPG’s, and Yeah, just a mashup of a bunch of different genres of games. However, I’m a platform gamer through and through, so no MMO’s and junk like that for me. Meaning, dont expect anything on many computer games from me unless it SERIOUSLY piques my interest.

More on myself. I’m currently active duty in the United States NAVY, ranked as an Air Traffic Controller 2nd Class Petty Officer. Reason is, I find staring at a screen in a dark room (RADARs, FTW) strangely comforting. I’m guessing its from my history playing games for hours in my bedroom with the lights off. But I’m just jabbing in the dark, here (Oh puns… how I love thee). I also have a history in Martial Arts. Taekwondo being my root discipline with a ranking of second degree black belt. I’ve also trained (personally, with an artist of that style, not professionally) in Muay Thai, Kapoera, Shito-ryu Karate (trained with Hanshi Minobu Miki), and Escrima.

Be prepared for all we have to offer in the world of gaming, cosplaying, Manga/comics, and the such. We are all being thrust into a new era of technology, whether we like it or not, so allow us at 2shots to be your guides into this rapidly growing phenomenon of human knowledge and superhuman technology. You won’t be disappointed.

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About Jesse Battaglia

Jesse is the hardcore platformer and hunter of the group. Easter Eggs and hidden content in games is what drives him, and he strives to find out what the developers didn't want you to know about. You can play with him on Playstation 4 and Wii U under the name: BlaZe4489. Jesse is also an aspiring voice actor whom you'll be able to hear in upcoming projects, but for now you can find him on the "Shot 'O Games " podcast as well as on our YouTube page!

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