Muffins are safe on block

Hello hello, this is KhaosMuffins, and welcome to my realm of, well, muffins. . . made of delicious chaos. I’m going to be bringing you ladies and gents some reviews and ridiculous rants on some anime and video games both old and new.

I’ve been wasting my time away on video games for as long as I remember; spending hours on the PS1 playing various Megaman games, Ehrgeiz, Spyro, Xenogears, and all of that good stuff. I’m more into action games, RPGs, MOBAs (especially Heroes of Newerth and DotA 2), and fighting games (UMvC3, Melty Blood, and eventually Skullgirls <3), but I’m always willing to try other game genres out.

As for myself, I’m that one weird kid that you’ll occasionally see dancing for no apparent reason while walking down the hallways, blasting Japanese rock music over Ipod speakers, or arguing as to why paper bags make for the best makeup for all of the wrong reasons. Aside from gaming and watching anime, I partake in various exhilarating activities such as planning out the future for when I finally become a god one day, giving orders to my Shih tzu┬áminion, being the token black guy for various parties, and running track.

So yeah, make yourself comfy and indulge in your 2 Shots of Geek while I sit in the back and sip on my chocolate milk.

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