Music to Remember – X-Men vs Street Fighter

Yes, I know that Marvel vs. Capcom Origins just came out. So much awesomeness there, and so many fighting games being released. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 still has the bulk of my attention, but the recent release of Marvel vs. Capcom Origins reminded me of this little section I started months ago: Music to Remember. The bulk of Capcom fighters from before and after the crossover saga started all share music from one game to another, usually remixed in different styles. While some people say that X-Men vs. Street Fighter is “broken”, the music sure isn’t, with great remixes of classic tracks. Let’s take a look.

The great thing is that while all the Street Fighter tracks are remixes, there are several new ones for the X-Men. Some of these tracks ended up staying with their respective character for years, being remixed in future installments of these fighting games. The music has a quick beat, and is reminiscent of the 16-bit tracks of old. Here is one example:

Cyclops has been one of my favorite characters since the original X-Men: Children of the Atom. His theme here starts off a bit slow, but has a good pace that keeps you pumped up for the fight. The majority of the soundtrack carries this style, from Rogue’s theme to Wolverine’s, they all have a similar tempo. It makes it so that the music isn’t something we ignore(like in Marvel vs. Capcom 2), but it’s something that we pay attention to and makes us more attached to these characters. What about the Street Fighter side though?

Charlie’s theme ranks up there as one of the best songs in fighting game history in my opinion. This fast, rock inspired treat is something I am proud to say is part of my gym playlist. It really makes you want to beat the hell out of the other guy! Granted, Charlie’s theme is one that is really hard to screw up, the quality is apparent in all the tracks. Ken’s theme, Ryu’s theme, Bison’s theme…they are all great! I recommend you pick up the entire soundtrack if you get the chance, it’s a very easy album to recommend to someone who wants to work out, or just keep themselves pumped while they do something else. “This is X-Men vs. Street Fighter! Fight!” Indeed. Oh, and yes, I do pretend that Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter doesn’t exist. That’s a soundtrack that shouldn’t be attached to a fighter…

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