Nintendo Switch Revealed!-First Impressions

nintendo switch

As of today the NX is no more and we now know about the Nintendo Switch!

After way too much waiting, Nintendo has finally shown their new Console/Handheld hybrid and it looks fantastic! The Switch consists of a HD screen with two controllers, called Joycon controllers, that connect on the sides. Handheld gaming isn’t for everyone though, and if you are one of those people just pop it in the dock. When you put the screen in the dock it will connect to your tv and the Joycon will connect to a controller base for a more console feel.  I have to say that i was incredibly worried about the potential console/handheld hybrid, but i think Nintendo has nailed it! Especially when they have shown games such as Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Skyrim! Having a game like Skyrim being able to be played at home or while traveling WITH the same data is just phenomenal.

Nintendo also gave a list of third party developers that are working on Switch games. The list includes major players such as Bethesda, Ubisoft, and FromSoftware, as well as smaller studios such as Nippon Ichi Software, Spike Chunsoft, and Marvelous Inc. The full list of developers promises a huge variety in game genres that should have something for everyone. I’d be estactic if I could have a Danganronpa and/or a Story of Seasons that I could rotate between playing at home on my couch or in the car.

I feel that the Switch is incredibly promising and can’t be any happier to preorder one! The only real issues I’m worried about is the battery life, and if the third party support will continue past the first few years. Anyway we will have more details in the coming months as we near the March 2017 release date. NX_Partners

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