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nutouchgloves2Sometimes you just have to put on the gloves to get the job done. Newer Technology has a pair that just may be right for your cold hands and your tablet. Don’t smudge that screen and catch the review after the break.

The NuTouch Gloves are a simple charcoal color pair of gloves designed to keep your hands warm while using your tablet or other touch screen device. The gloves are 52% Cotton, 24% Rayon, 14% Conductive Fiber, 10% Spandex. This gives them the the right material to keep your hands warm, stretch a little, and the Conductive Fiber on each finger tip for working with that touch screen device.

First I was curious as to how well they keep your hands warm. A tricky test when your in sunny San Diego, CA. Nevertheless, I devised a plan to use my refrigerator and freezer. First I put on the glove and stuck my hand in the fridge for 10 minutes and I noticed no chill in any finger or the hand. Pretty good for mildly cold weather, but what about colder weather. I then stuck the other hand in the freezer with the other glove on, of course, and after 10 minutes I could feel a slight chill even though the fan was blowing that cold air right at my hand. Still not bad at all for a snug fitting pair of gloves.

And the moment you’ve all been waiting for the test with a touch. I put on both gloves, picked up my HP Touchpad and for the next hour I surfed the web, played games, and even did some typing. The results were spot on with no issues navigating, swiping, or gesturing. I’m amazed how well they work, it’s almost like having a stylus on each finger. If your tired of cold hands while using your touch screen device-I suggest you give NuTouch Gloves a try! MSRP is $19.99.

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