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Not long ago on a computer screen close to your eyeballs, I brought you an article and review of Aliens Took My Girl. Well, as it turns out we didn’t need to break in to Area 51 to gather some intel on the creators of this motion comic. Read on for more, my fellow earthlings.

Aliens Took My Girl is one of the latest motion comics to hit the stage. It’s a relatively new genre and it’s picking up steam. Onward to the info on hand! We learn a little bit about creators Jesus Villarreal and Chris Rieser who are students at the Academy Of Art University. The Academy of Art University recently published at article about their students’ inspirations and how they were able to achieve their successful launch.

“ “This project was extremely collaborative with different majors represented. We even spear-headed our own class and workshops to get the project completed,” said Jesus. With a love for comic books, Saturday morning cartoon nostalgia, an interest in sci-fi pop culture and sci-fi cult classic movies, this team was sure to come up with the perfect brew for this motion comic.
The School of Animation students were fortunate to have the help and support they needed from Academy of Art University instructors Shaun Featherstone and Chris Armstrong. “We had the support of Shaun Featherstone every step of the way to help us out when we got stuck. Plus having Chris Armstrong representing us to the Administration so we could have a class happen and have everything we need. We are living the artists’ dream and are still in school. At the Academy you are not just doing classwork, you are completing an actual product and it’s a great way to get your foot in the door,” said Jesus.” [Academy Of Art University Website].

Let’s face it we all know someone with talent in the creative areas, whether it be writing, illustrating, drawing, music, movies, or photography. Not everyone get’s the chance to get their foot in the door and make a living doing what they love. We wish Chris and Jesus the best of luck with Aliens Took My Girl and future projects on down the road in this unique genre of the industry. Read Academy of Art University’s full article here.

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