Oh dear, such a slow week.

Mind you I haven’t really followed anime this closely before, but I guess I notice the trend in premiers. I’m sorry this is out pretty late, I planned to have a list out every Sunday and Wednesday/Thursday, but there’s quite a story as to what I was doing, and I’ll cover that later…like in a few days. On the other hand, in the past week, there have only been two releases, so this won’t be very long.

Inu  X Boku SS– This series is an adaptation of a manga –which falls under the same name– so you may or may not be familiar with this story. I didn’t read the manga, and failed to read the description (once again!) so I had no idea what was I getting into. This is what I got : a tsundere, a sparkling bishonen, the monotonous weird girl, a delinquent type, and the usual perverted adult female. Once again, I notice some character stereotypes, but hey don’t let it get to you, the first episode wasn’t disappointing. Our main character is Shirakiin Riricho, a tsundere girl who seems to have had a dark past, which caused her to have this rude persona towards others. She doesn’t want to live alone, so she moves into an apartment complex for celebrities (at least so they say), and she gets an enthusiastic and sparkly bishonen as a bodyguard (SS). This episode was more of an introduction per say, but it was cute to watch. It does tie in a bit with the supernatural, as we learn the bishonen bodyguard isn’t human; well, none of the bodyguards are actually, and I’m definitely not sure what the delinquent looking guy is… I’m guessing that the series will be about Riricho coming to accept whatever traumatised her, but in the begining it will be comedic and slowly build up a few episodes from the end. All in all, I’m looking forward to the development of this series even though my prediction is like most series out there; I might jump ahead into the manga, since I think it’s pretty far along and it’s nice to see where/if the two split off from one another, and how it develops seeing as there isn’t a definite number of episodes.

Thermae Romae– At three episodes that air for thirteen minutes (supposedly twenty-four minutes, but I’ve haven’t seen an episode longer than that) each, there isn’t much to it that isn’t in the description. I’m not sure what to classify this as, it’s not exactly a short, nor a full fledged episode, therefore I shall deem it a special (even though it supposedly has it’s own specials as well). As the description states, it’s about a Roman bath architect, named Luscius, from sometime in the past before all of our fancy technology was invented. He magically gets transported to bath houses, and in episode one, he gets to one in modern Japan and he learns some things from them. He manages to get back to his time and town and introduces the things he picked up in Japan, to the bath houses in his own town, and pretty much end of episode. I guess the other two episodes are along the same lines, so there isn’t much to expect from it. I guess if you like historical comedies this may be a quick watch to check out. I didn’t really enjoy it, and it’s not really my cup of tea, but I don’t drink tea, so my opinion isn’t such a big deal. By the way, there isn’t any nudity, and it’s a seinen (unless it’s hentai, I’m sure most adult males don’t want to see animated…), so don’t be alarmed by how odd the cover photo looks. If there was, I’d be crying my eyes out, yelling for eyebleach.

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