“Oh no, it’s cool. I’m the Thane of Whiterun”.

A Man in Boston, Mass. took his title assigned by the Jarl a little too seriously. Well, the Jarl of Whiterun, a city in the recent “Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” video game.

A screenshot of the Boston Herald's website article.

I’ve heard of people being immersed in a video game, and sometimes being emotionally tried while playing the game. You grow fond of a character, learn to love said character as a part of the main game. Eventually, you become reliant upon and protective of this person (i.e. Aeris from “Final Fantasy VII”). Or, you spend so much time developing a character of your own, the character begins to act on your subconscious desires. Doing things you can’t otherwise do in reality. Ultimately, that’s what a video game is: an escape from reality (another example: “Grand Theft Auto”)… But there’s a line between a video game and reality.

Now, I did some research into this occurance on the Boston Herald’s website (including inputting the displayed URL from the screenshot), and oddly enough didn’t find anything on this incident. This is leading me to believe that it was either taken down from the site, or was a fake. If this was a fake, then I must still commend the prankster who came up with this story since it is quite believable. Whether it is or is not real, it still serves as a reminder that there are still some of us who aren’t quite cut out for such immersive games like “Skyrim” or “Grand Theft Auto”. These games should be played with the standard human understanding that VIDEO GAMES AREN’T REAL! I always thought that was basically understood by all gamers with the exception of the 3-5 year-old game enthusiests, and even that’s a bit of stereotyping. As much as this might sucks for those directly involved in the incident, it still proves as a bit of entertaining news for the rest of us.

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