One Day

Many of you are aware of the fundraising we have done in the past with Extra Life and we plan on continuing those efforts. We know what it’s like to see someone you love and care about going through the hardships of fighting some pretty scary stuff. That is why I wanted to take a detour away from the tech and gaming to share some very welcoming news with you.

Irving Weissman and his team of researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine in Palo Alto, California have a drug that works as an antibody blocking a protein called CD47. Normally found in healthy cells, but in cancer and tumors this is the protein that grows exponentially and causes problems. Thus by using this new drug, they have effectively blocked those cancers from growing and even killing them entirely. This is great news as it could very well be the beginning of cure for Cancers.

Truly great news indeed, but that does not mean our battle is over. Often these drugs will go through years of trials before FDA approval. Still, furthermore are many other diseases and people in need. You can bet we’ll be back raising more funds through Extra Life for Children’s Hospitals and last year was a major success thanks to donations from generous people like you.

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