One to the Belt – Seidio Surface Case & Holster for Note 2 Review

Seidio Surface 1

The Galaxy Note 2 is a beast, in more ways than one. It is a technical powerhouse with the latest technologies, encased in a…rather large shell. I think the huge 5.5″ screen is awesome, but it does make it a bit hard to carry. I’ve always been a fan of belt clip cases, but I wanted a case with a built-in stand so I can watch movies and work on my Note 2(I’m actually typing this review on my Note 2 using a Rapoo Bluetooth keyboard). I looked around and found the Seidio Surface Case with holster combo. It seemed to have everything I was looking for. How did it pan out? Let’s find out in my Seidio Note 2 Surface Case review.

First Sip

The Seidio Surface case comes in many different colors, all with a silver kickstand on the back of the case. I’m pretty plain as far as cases go, and as much as I love the Note 2’s media capabilities, I got the phone to be more productive, so I want the phone to look the part. I got the black colored case, and it looks great on my Note 2. The Surface is a hard rubber case, it has a matte finish and looks good. It’s a two-part case, you put on one half at a time, and it’s very easy to put on and take off. You have cut outs for your buttons, camera, speaker, S-Pen, and charging port. They are all perfectly aligned and easy to reach. The case holds the phone in and sticks out a little above it, so it’s safer if you drop the phone on its screen since the case will absorb a lot of the impact. It feels good in the hand and it doesn’t add much bulk to the Note 2, which is great since it’s already a big boy. The belt clip is black with a felt cloth-like inside. I’m not too big a fan of that because it collects dust really easily.

Seidio Surface 2Two Shots In
Some people mention the term “daily driver”. This is our usability equivalent. It takes a while after using a device to give a good review on it, hence the Two Shots In name 🙂 I’ve been using the Surface for about a month and a half, and it’s been great so far. I usually keep my phone in my pocket, since I can’t have it visible while I’m at work(I have big pockets obviously). I was worried the case would attract a good amount of dust around the edges, but thankfully that isn’t the case. The Surface acquired very little dust, was not scratched at all in a pocket that sometimes had keys in it, got very few fingerprints, and still feels solid. The only negative I saw is that if it gets stuck in my pocket and I pull on it, the half of the case I’m pulling tends to come out on its own. The kickstand works great and it’s very sturdy. I know this because I usually play Battle Cats while the phone is propped up using the kickstand, and the phone never falls over. The holster does its job. It’s pretty sturdy, I’ve run with it on and it doesn’t fall off like some cheap ones do. I also like that it rotates(it doesn’t go all the way around though). The inside of the holster does seem to attract a good amount of dust though, probably due to the felt lining. I hope that is something Seidio will change in belt clips(it is being worked on from Seidio told me)soon.

Seidio Surface 3

Last Call

The Seidio Surface is made to protect your phone without adding much bulk and adding the additional benefit of a kickstand to it. In the time I’ve used it I’ve gotten used to the size and feel of it. I love having the kickstand for when I take lunch breaks and just want to relax and use Netflix or play Battle Cats. Or if I want to be productive, like I’m doing right now. Besides the minor negatives I pointed out, the Seidio Surface and belt clip is a great combo for someone who wants a case with a kickstand and belt clip option that works well. For the $55 asking price for the combo, it’s a pretty good price, but shop around if you can.  If you just want basic protection, Samsung’s own screen cover might suffice. That review is coming soon. Until then, keep checking back as we bring you teh future, 8 bits at a time 🙂

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