A Fun Mess: A Suicide Squad Review

Well to get to the point, no matter what the critics are saying about this film DC is definitely heading in the right direction. For one thing this movie got me into a theatre instead of relegating it to ‘I’ll catch it on demand’ like I did for “Man of Steel” and “BvS”. Secondly, when I was done watching the movie I wasn’t thinking ‘What the hell did I just watch?’. Rather it felt like I’d go see it again. A lot of my positive reaction  had to do with the tone and the characters. Gone were the brooding, heartless monsters (except for Amanda Waller, but then that’s the point of her character) and instead we got people with weird powers in weird situations. In all was a fun summer popcorn film so if you’re looking for that definitely give it a watch. For the spoiler part of this review keep on reading.

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