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I’ve been busy with school and getting ready for GMX (It was my turn to suffer and try to finish a cosplay in a few days) but instead of doing group work, here I am! So lets finish the rest of the anime this season. There are plenty out now, and many are really great!

(also, they’ll be a bit vague since it’s been a while since I’ve watched them, sorry!)

Code Breaker – So many misunderstandings, geez…So we start the episode with our main character Sakura (who’s also the class president/’beauty’) on her way home, on the bus. She’s just looking outside and she sees this guy performing some sorta ritual. He burns a ring of people to nothing. Of course, Sakura spazzes out, makes the bus driver stop, gets off and calls the police. She gets to the scene with the officer, and well there isn’t a trace of much. He just tells her she’s probably just tired and end scene. The next day at school, there’s a transfer student and, surprise, it’s the guy she saw last night. This guy is the type girls fawn over, so when Sakura pulls him aside to if find out what she saw was real or not, everyone associates it with her asking him out. He declines answering her/avoids the questions, and everyone thinks she got rejected and then teenage stuff happens with her friends, and once again, end scene. Night is coming and Sakura walks to the park to feed a dog whose owner went missing, and she basically gets abused by a bunch of guys, and guess who saves her? I’m not too sure how I feel about this anime, it’s a bit messy but I think it’s because the plot hasn’t been introduced yet, so I’ll give it a few episodes when I get the chance.

Girls und Panzer– Girls driving tanks is an art. In this anime, it’s some weird tradition that girls have to learn to control tanks, and…honestly It wasn’t that great of a plot IMO. No joke, I felt like the entire episode was “You’re a good driver, you must control this tank. I don’t care if you don’t want to operate a tank, no one else is strong enough” with some German phrases thrown in. I honestly want to say there’s more to this, but I couldn’t pick anything else out of it; it was just 24 minutes of people discussing who will man what tank.

K– I’m not quite sure what this anime is about yet, I haven’t had time to get any further than episode one since it took me a while to finally get into it,  but it’s pretty interesting. I assumed it had to do with a modern-day mafia/street gang in the beginning, and I’m not doubting that still. They seem to be searching for something which only a young girl can spot. Then it switches from a bloody scene to the story of highschoolers, which consists of a guy who mooches off others for food. He gets followed by some… naked girl  (nothing explicit though, kinda like the OP to Madoka), which it seems no one can see. He goes up to the roof to eat his food, and afterwards gets attacked by a member of the gang and is accused of being someone he doesn’t recall being, and from there I guess it’s a fight for his life as he runs for the gang. I honestly keep forgetting this series is there, and what it’s about, but I definitely will pick up when I have time.

Kamisama Kiss– I don’t like this one very much…I’m not a huge fan of comedy so there you go. This girl gets evicted from her house, and meets a man who offers her his home as he’s leaving it, and she is given a mark of a spirit, which allows her to enter. Well she ends up at an old shrine, and is now the owner of the place and has to take care of it while the god who resides there is lazy and indifferent about her. There are these two…I’m not really sure what they are, I want to call them demons, but they work with the god and “help” this girl. In truth I find them annoying and every scene involves them screaming her name repeatedly like little kids. The episode goes on about the girl trying to get the god to cooperate with her so they can live in the shrine together without arguing all the time and he saves her from a witch with a kiss. Or something like that. I didn’t really like it so…I kinda blocked out memories of it…

Little Busters!- How will Key kill our hearts this time? Little Busters! Is an adaptation of a visual novel by the same people who made Angel Beats!, Clannad, and all those other series that destroy your feels! I was a bit reluctant to pick this up for this very reason because Angel Beats! destroyed me; so far it has started off the same as the others though: purely comedic. Little Busters was a group of 5 kids in a neighborhood who were basically the little kids who go out on “adventures” and would help with small problems, although I wouldn’t consider getting rid of bees by covering yourself in honey “safe”. There are 4 boys in the group, and one girl, and they range in age. We see the kids now in high school, and the oldest has returned; where from? Tokyo. He walked all the way to Tokyo to look for a job when he graduates. Skip to the next scene; we see a few of them going on about him returning, and then a fight. It get silly when the one who has returned keeps everyone in check, and instead of keeping them from fighting, he tells them that they both have their advantages, and therefore must fight with the first thing thrown to them – including a kitten and a sweet bun. The oldest who has returned then states he wants to do something with his life before he breaks off from everyone after he graduates. Well they end up making a baseball team, and then the rest of the episode branches off into recruiting members for it. So far it’s in that comedic cheerful phase of a Key series, but we’ll see where it goes. It’s a really cute series, and if you like slice of life and comedy take a look!

Magi– Ahh this is a really cute series! The setting reminds me a bit of Aladdin, if that does anything for you, I don’t really know how to explain the setting. There’s a caste system in place, and our main character, Alibaba, is near the bottom, not at the bottom though, that would be the nameless slaves. He basically just works for whoever he can to get by, although we see him working for someone in the higher ranks. We learn a bit about this world with the “capturing dungeons” which are basically massive towers that are in themselves like a stage set for a boss battle. You defeat the beast in them and you’re granted the wealth and power that resides in it and become a king. Everyone sees this as impossible, and tells him to give up. Well one day while he’s working by loading goods into a cart for that guy he works for in the upper class, he finds this little kid in there eating the goods. He gets stuck with the kid, who we learn is named Aladdin (haha) after taking punishment, and we learn this kid has a magical recorder-like, device in which it looks like he can summon a demon (or maybe a genie); the thing is this is something that would only come from a dungeon. So mischief happens, and the episode ends with Alibaba and Aladdin breaking off from the city and starting their own journey. The synopsis reveals more about Aladdin, such as the fact that he has the power to choose kings, and more about his flute thing, but it’s easier to understand when you watch. (Also there’s a long running manga of this that at 160 chapters if you look for it online)

Robotic; Notes – From the same guys who brought you Stein’s; Gate, comes an anime about building mecha replicas! That’s pretty much all there is to this anime  I’m pretty sure there’s more to it, but that’s all I got out of the first episode. There’s a guy obsessed with gaming to the point he can beat the developer of a game  in battle, and a girl who loves mechas. They’re good friends, and I guess there’s one more guy who was a part of their group but he decided to leave. Anyways, so the girl wants to get club funding for a mecha to enter into a big contest, but then of course, the school won’t approve it. After being so persistent  the lady in charge says yes, as long as she wins the contest. I haven’t watched the other series by this guy (sorry!) but I’m not going to be surprised if something magically happens and the mecha is legit working (which is actually hinted by the opening scene) and whatnot. Regardless I’ll keep an eye out on this, because it looks really interesting since I have a soft spot for mechas.


Teekyuu– This is a short based on (I’m guessing) a 4koma about a girls tennis team. I. What is going on? It was so fast and overly dramatic that I got confused. It’s a comedy, but the characters were so…enthusiastic and extreme it was really silly. I…yeah. It’s something best left to be seen to understand, than to explain. It hurt my head when I tried to watch it so, just a heads up.



Sakurasao no Pet na Kanojo– Is it just me, or are most of the girls with long pale-ish hair emotionless and spaced out all the time? Anyways so this anime follows the story of I guess the “outcasts” in a school’s apartment. Everyone who stays there are odd in some way, but our main character, Sorata, is sent there because of a stray cat he wanted to keep “until he found it a home” (he ends up taking in more cats). A new girl shows up, Mashiro, and she’s a famous artist of sorts. Sorata feels that it’s his job to keep her in check and to protect her from their apartment’s absurdity, and the synopsis hints at something about “master and pet” but I’d rather not go into that if it pops up…overall it looks like a cute comedy, but I feel like this one might branch off into places where I’d need an adult.

Wooser no Sono Higurashi– I’m actually somewhat fond of this series, but it’s fairly mature comedy that’s kinda lewd, so beware! When I first looked at it, I thought it was something overly kawaii like those Hello Kitty animes, but that’s like 25% of this 3 minute short. He looks cute, but our main character Wooser is a perverted, pessimistic, jerk. Basically it’s a bunch of his misc mishaps with girls who are, I think, the human version of the other “animals” in the show. I honestly found it hilarious, but my sense of humor is weird, and once again this show is kinda mature, but otherwise I’d recommend it.

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