Please just take all of my money.

Footage of the latest Skullgirls build was uploaded on Youtube today by the Comboratory. Check out the sexy, smooth gameplay of what should be an amazing game and possibly one of the best fighters to grace gamers in quite a while.

The video starts out by showcasing the game’s training mode for about an hour (with hitbox detectors, hitstun detectors, and all of that good stuff that make for excellent things to have in a fightin game’s training mode). Match footage starts at around the 1:12:00 mark. For those who are unfamiliar with Skullgirls, be sure to hit the break.

Skullgirls is a 2D fighting game being developed by Reverge Labs. I won’t bother telling you about the “official” stuff, but just know that the game is being developed by fighting game enthusiasts (such a Mike Zaimont, a fighting game pro most known for playing Iron Tager in Blazblue) for fighting game enthusiasts. The main idea behind Skullgirls is to develop a game that is “like Marvel vs. Capcom 2, but without the infinites.” That’s a pretty damn good thing to have, and the video showcases just how well the team has come about with accomplishing that goal. Notable features about Skullgirls include an infinite detection system to prevent infinite combos, a ratio system ala Capcom vs SNK in which players can choose whether to use 1-3 characters on a team (the strengths are balanced out so there is no disadvantage to choosing one character over three), a custom assist feature, and NO COMEBACK MECHANIC.

The game is set to release early 2012 (which should be very very soon) on both XBLA and PSN as a downloadable title. Skullgirls is not going to be sold at the usual retail price of most games nowadays, so I would expect something in the $15-$20 range, which is pretty cheap. Also, for those that are set off by there being a noticeable lack of male characters (and characters in general), do not worry for the guys at Reverge Labs plan to release plenty of DLC content to update the roster with plenty of manly men and voluptuous vixens.

That's pretty damn manly!

Keep your eyes peeled for this one, folks.

You can of course find more info on Skullgirls at the official website, the Skullgirls Facebook page or the Shoryuken wiki.

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